Terra Innovation Centre

Research andDevelopment

What begins in the lab makes its way underfoot. Terra technologies employed in our boots are accesbile technologies for everyday applications for hard workers expecting pinnacle performance. Rigorous testing and redesigns are employed that result in the unique advancements that keep you safer on the jobsite, and working a lot lighter.

Technology.At the heart of all our footwear.

A commitment to advancing the conditions of every hard working individual on the jobsite, Terra technologies are the high concept designed, made with you in mind. Keeping your feet lighter, while maximizing coverage, and employing tread designs that refuse to let you go down. We’ve got more coverage, less weight, high slip resistance, and no temperature conduction.

Terra Terrasphere Technology


Innovation occurs when an identified problem is met with a creative solution. At the Terra Innovation Centre the responsibility we feel toward workers comfort and safety leads us to constantly question industry standards. How can we make composites harder? Where can we make things lighter?

How do we increase flexibility? Slip resistance? Tensile strength? These are all questions we strive to answer when designing a better boot, and lead to increasing developments in composite technologies, tread design, and puncture resistance. Innovation. It’s what makes our boots better.


Explore possibilities.

In the name of worker safety and comfort, we explore every avenue in order to increase your boots performance. Not afraid to task risk our designers and technicians turn “Why can’t we do that” into “This is how it’s done”. The results speak for themselves, and can be found in one of a kind technological advancements like the TerraSphere sole ecosystem, a moisture removal system capable of carrying you through -60 degree weather like it’s just another day at the office. And because you’re never done working we’re never done innovating. It’s a mutual understanding we hope you find beneficial.

Terra Technology Chart

Born in our Lab

Terra Terrasphere Technology

To guarantee warmth, dryness and comfort to a -60 ˚C rating for a heavy-duty work boot, we had to look at boot lining in a revolutionary way. Introducing TerraSphere®: an ecosystem of four layers of material engineered to work seamlessly for maximum wearability.

Terra Firmaflex Technology

TERRA FIRMA-FLEX® is like nothing you’ve ever worn before. It gives you exactly the same certified safety as metal-protected boots, but without the heavy metal. That makes FIRMA-FLEX® 25% lighter than other work boots. And that means 25% less burn-out at the end of the shift as far as your feet and legs go. FIRMA-FLEX® also doesn’t conduct heat or cold like steel or aluminum – so extreme temperature stops at your boot.


From our innovative removable FOOTBED® to exclusive CLEANFEET® odour management technology, building comfortable footwear is critical. The combination of our components used, materials selected and patterns designed all contribute to the exceptional comfort provided by TruComfort models.

Tru Confort

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